21 Earning a 6 Figure Income in Information Technology

Prompted by a question on Spiceworks – an IT management software and community online. I’ve provided a link to the community. It’s a good place for IT professionals to get advice and meet other IT pros.

Episode 21: How to make a 6 figure income in IT.

Listen below or download the episode here.

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20 My mom, cancer, tennis, and time

Episode 20 Summary

In episode 20 of the Building Your IT Career Podcast, I discuss my mother’s passing, how she impacted my career – and life – and what it means for my future. Also, thoughts on time, creativity, and focus.

Listen to Episode 20 here

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Mailmerge using VBA, Excel, and Word

A Mailmerge solution that does not require Outlook.

You can read about and download this solution at Pulse Infomatics.

Simple automation tools are some of the most powerful ways to give users what they need and advance your career. This can be automating IT functions or automating user functions.

19 Refocusing and Re-purposing Your Career

Episode 19 summary

I discuss my recent refocus for my own consulting with Pulse Infomatics. I also discuss a young man who was referred to me. He is hoping to break into IT. I offer some advice that he (and other aspiring IT professionals) can use to break into IT. I also talk about more experienced IT pros changing directions.

Listen to Episode 19 here

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The IT Job Seekers Song from the Camarillo Public Library

I gave a presentation on Cloud-based Project Management and Team Collaboration Tools a couple weeks ago. Actually, I’ve been speaking on this topic a lot over the last year.

As part of my presentations, I often include music. At the end of my presentation for the Camarillo Public Library’s Russel Fischer Business Collection, we got to talking about creativity and songwriting. I told the story of this song, The IT Job Seeker’s Song – that I wrote for a keynote I gave to McDonald’s IT group a few years ago.

Here is me telling a bit of the story and performing the song. As an IT professional, I hope you enjoy the sentiment. The lyrics can be found below.

The IT Job Seeker’s Song – video:

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