12 Weeks to Profitable Consulting free download

12 Weeks to Profitable Consulting

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I offer this download of Chapter 27 of my book, Building Your I.T. Career, as a gift. No email address needed. No commitment to return. No “Here is part of it, sign up for the FULL VERSION!” (Because we all hate that!) No bait & switch!

12 Weeks to Profitable Consulting covers tried and true methods I use personal to grow my consulting practice, PULSE INFOMATICS, INC. and my content strategy coaching. Central to all of this is being a consistent value-add to your network of contacts.


But wait!! There’s more! For a limited time….
(okay, just kidding!) I do have a simple request though.

Here is what I ask… If you like what the chapter has to say, let me know. Email me. If you don’t like it…. well.. let me know what I can do to improve the information.

What else can you do if you like the information?

Coaching for IT Consultants, CIO's, and I.T. departments