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17 cloud-based project management and collaboration tools

Episode 17 Summary

A discussion about cloud-based project management tools that I use in my consulting and that we teach to clients. Slides and video from one of my presentations on this topic can be viewed and downloaded here.

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16 Your Calendar and Maximum Productivity

Episode 16 Summary

A discussion about your calendar as your most important productivity tool. Plus some thoughts on focus – for writers, app developers, songwriters… eh.. everybody!

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15 – What does proactive mean when it comes to getting the job you want? Other projects?

Episode 15 summary

Apologies for the tardiness in posting. I recorded this at my moms but had to help her with some private matters.

Listen here or download below

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Public Speaking Advice – begin with a story & end with a song

Career Tip: Public Speaking enhances your credibility

It’s no secret that I consider the ability to speak in public as an executive level career accelerator. Seriously! Few skills provide you the ability to bolster your credibility and the perception of leaderships.

Note: Yes.. perception. You still need to be awesome and deliver!

In this post on LinkedIn, I talk a little about how you can better engage your audience when giving a presentation.
2015-07-01- public-speaking02

Tomorrow is the Podcast.. so, be ready!

14 – How can you negotiate your salary for a Best Buy, Geek Squad position

Episode 14 Summary

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