13 – What would you do with $1,000 dollars and our mantra: Be Proactive! Be Positive! Add Value! Share Opportunity!

Episode 13 summary:

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12 – Relaunch, New Name, and Avoiding the Helpdesk

This is more of an announcement but I do address a reader question about his career. A plan that takes him from help desk intern to CIO.

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The podcast has a new name (The Building Your IT Career Podcast), new cover-art, and new life! I discuss why I haven’t posted and what I will be posting. Then, I cover a reader’s question about his career path – one that takes him from the help desk to the C-Suite. Continue Reading →

Before you purchase equipment, speed up what you have

At Pulse, we often discover clients buying technology to speed things up in their systems environment. The problem is, much of the time (more than 70%), the problem is NOT outdated technology. It’s a configuration and optimization issue.

My Director of Technology Services, David Murphy, shared 3 ideas to help you speed up your systems environment immediately! If you are in IT, you need to pay attention to these and create policies and automation to address them.


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Become a better delegator

better delegation

Learning to delegate has been an interesting process for me! I explained some of the strategies and tools I use with me team on my recent blog at CIO.

In response to that blog, a new acquaintance asked me about how to get mid-level managers to delegate better.

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