19 Refocusing and Re-purposing Your Career

Episode 19 summary

I discuss my recent refocus for my own consulting with Pulse Infomatics. I also discuss a young man who was referred to me. He is hoping to break into IT. I offer some advice that he (and other aspiring IT professionals) can use to break into IT. I also talk about more experienced IT pros changing directions.

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The IT Job Seekers Song from the Camarillo Public Library

I gave a presentation on Cloud-based Project Management and Team Collaboration Tools a couple weeks ago. Actually, I’ve been speaking on this topic a lot over the last year.

As part of my presentations, I often include music. At the end of my presentation for the Camarillo Public Library’s Russel Fischer Business Collection, we got to talking about creativity and songwriting. I told the story of this song, The IT Job Seeker’s Song – that I wrote for a keynote I gave to McDonald’s IT group a few years ago.

Here is me telling a bit of the story and performing the song. As an IT professional, I hope you enjoy the sentiment. The lyrics can be found below.

The IT Job Seeker’s Song – video:

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17 cloud-based project management and collaboration tools

Episode 17 Summary

A discussion about cloud-based project management tools that I use in my consulting and that we teach to clients. Slides and video from one of my presentations on this topic can be viewed and downloaded here.

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16 Your Calendar and Maximum Productivity

Episode 16 Summary

A discussion about your calendar as your most important productivity tool. Plus some thoughts on focus – for writers, app developers, songwriters… eh.. everybody!

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