The IT Job Seekers Song from the Camarillo Public Library

I gave a presentation on Cloud-based Project Management and Team Collaboration Tools a couple weeks ago. Actually, I’ve been speaking on this topic a lot over the last year.

As part of my presentations, I often include music. At the end of my presentation for the Camarillo Public Library’s Russel Fischer Business Collection, we got to talking about creativity and songwriting. I told the story of this song, The IT Job Seeker’s Song – that I wrote for a keynote I gave to McDonald’s IT group a few years ago.

Here is me telling a bit of the story and performing the song. As an IT professional, I hope you enjoy the sentiment. The lyrics can be found below.

The IT Job Seeker’s Song – video:

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16 Your Calendar and Maximum Productivity

Episode 16 Summary

A discussion about your calendar as your most important productivity tool. Plus some thoughts on focus – for writers, app developers, songwriters… eh.. everybody!

Listen to the podcast here.

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Is LinkedIn an effective social network

First, LinkedIn is NOT a social network. At a recent workshop on blogging, hosted by VCCF (where I serve on the faculty), I was asked my thoughts on LinkedIn as a social network.

This video includes my answer plus additional ideas on true engagement and why likes are not always likes.

Workshop Video: 2:55 on LinkedIn

Video below or follow this link for some additional tips.


Using Social Media workshop video

Last week I presented for the Ventura County Community Foundation – a non-profit support and education resource. Below is the full workshop video. Additionally, I’ve provided a link to a posts on my Pulse Infomatics site where you can download the slide deck.

I’ll be posting shorter segments from this and other videos soon. Oh, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks.


Download slides here.