The Project Management Blues

I spoke for the Project Management Institute of LA last week. Topic: Cloud-based Project Management Strategies and Tools.

I include music in many of my presentations. The morning of the presentation, I decided to write a Project Management related song. Below is what I ended up with. You can get the presentation slides on my original blog post.

Listen below or download here. Lyrics are below the player.

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21 Earning a 6 Figure Income in Information Technology

Prompted by a question on Spiceworks – an IT management software and community online. I’ve provided a link to the community. It’s a good place for IT professionals to get advice and meet other IT pros.

Episode 21: How to make a 6 figure income in IT.

Listen below or download the episode here.

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20 My mom, cancer, tennis, and time

Episode 20 Summary

In episode 20 of the Building Your IT Career Podcast, I discuss my mother’s passing, how she impacted my career – and life – and what it means for my future. Also, thoughts on time, creativity, and focus.

Listen to Episode 20 here

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19 Refocusing and Re-purposing Your Career

Episode 19 summary

I discuss my recent refocus for my own consulting with Pulse Infomatics. I also discuss a young man who was referred to me. He is hoping to break into IT. I offer some advice that he (and other aspiring IT professionals) can use to break into IT. I also talk about more experienced IT pros changing directions.

Listen to Episode 19 here

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18 Six Productivity Hacks You Can Start Using Today

Episode 18 Summary

In IT we often focus on technology and tools. This episode is about non-technical ways to dramatically increase your productivity. See list below.

Listen to the podcast here


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