Episode 26 – DO NOT withhold information to artificially bolster your value as an IT professional

Are you withholding information about what you, believing you are more valuable if no one else has this information? This is a common practice among IT professionals. It demonstrates a lack of confidence in your actual value to your employer.

Do NOT Withhold Information to Artificially Bolster Your Value

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Episode 25 – Learning New Technology and Identifying the Next HOT Technology

Does learning new technology give you anxiety? What about knowing which technology to learn? This discussion will help.


Learning New Technology & The Next HOT Technology

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Key Content:

  • Market relevance is important but is solved by better understanding business need.
  • You aren’t too late to learn a popular technology.
  • There are unfilled or under-filled positions.
  • Beware the “my technology is the ‘best’ technology” myth.
  • Work on a real but small (1 month to 6 weeks) project to learn new technology.
  • Do not study what you know.. only what you do not know.

What tips do you have for learning new technology? What questions do you have?

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Episode 24 – Permission Granted

Are you waiting for that class next semester or your employer to give you a project and permission to learn new technology? If so, this podcast is for you.

I give you permission (duration: 6:46)

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Here is a picture of the book I mention in the podcast. It is how I started to learn programming.

ISBN 0-8104-5626-5, Hayden Book Company

ISBN 0-8104-5626-5, Hayden Book Company

Episode 23 – Political rants are career suicide

A tightened up and more succinct podcast format.
Listening time: 5:29

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Mentioned (links):

“To the other guy, you are the other guy.”

Podcast Summary:

Frothy-mouthed and angry political rants do little to change anyone’s opinion – but even for those who agree with you – portray the “ranter” as emotionally challenged. It’s fine to hold an opinion – everyone does – but maintain some decency if you must (and you probably do not need to) engage in online debate.

Agree or disagree? I’d love to hear from you.

The Project Management Blues

I spoke for the Project Management Institute of LA last week. Topic: Cloud-based Project Management Strategies and Tools.

I include music in many of my presentations. The morning of the presentation, I decided to write a Project Management related song. Below is what I ended up with. You can get the presentation slides on my original blog post.

Listen below or download here. Lyrics are below the player.

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